Interview / Résumé Tips

Interviewing Tips

Prepare for the Interview:

  • Make sure your resume is accurate.
  • Call your references to obtain permission to add them to your contact list that will be provided to future employers. Have a sheet with names and phone numbers ready.
  • Google Company.
  • Make sure you have good directions so you can be on time.

The Interview

  • Don’t be late!
  • Turn off your phone.
  • Dress professionally.
  • Don’t talk negatively about former employees/employers.
  • Maintain good eye contact.
  • Ask questions about the job not the benefits. (We will tell you about the benefits).
  • Let them know you are interested in the position, “I hope I’m being considered because I’m very interested.”

After the Interview

  • Call your Staffing Supervisor/Consultant to review how your interview went.
  • Write the company a Thank You Note!

Résumé Tips

  • The first thing RPS or any potential employer will ask for is a copy of your résumé, an outline of your experience and qualifications for the job in question. Think of a résumé as a one-page first impression. It is critical to project a professional image with your résumé.
  • When sending a résumé to a potential employer, always include a personalized cover letter summarizing your qualifications for the job and why you are particularly interested in this position.
  • We have included samples below of a Chronological Résumé and an Entry-Level Résumé.

Chronological Résumé Structure     Chronological Résumé Sample    Entry Level Résumé Sample

 General Tips

  • The trend in résumés is toward more concise, skill-oriented information. Accuracy and good taste, though, will always be in style. Use good quality white paper, readable type, and make sure that your résumé will fax legibly.
  • Keep your résumé short — preferably one page. Employers prefer a brief description of your skills and abilities.
  • Keep it accurate.
  • Give brief but accurate contact data. Include your phone numbers & e-mail. Do not include your phone number at your current position.
  • When job hunting, make sure your answering machine has a professional greeting. If anyone else answers your telephone, make sure they are prepared to respond and take messages in a professional manner. A clueless roommate or rude child can easily ruin your chances for an interview.
  • Use action words, and quantify your achievements whenever possible. If you increased sales, tell by how much; if you signed up new clients, tell how many.
  • Most importantly, proofread, spell-check, and proofread again! Many employers will automatically discard any résumé with a typo.
  • Keep your Facebook and Instagram cleaned up and professional.

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