Chronological Résumé STRUCTURE

This style of résumé is appropriate for the widest variety of positions. On it, you should list your work experience, with the most recent position listed first.

Include the following elements in your résumé:

  • Heading — your name and contact information.
  • Objective — should be customized for each position.
  • Education — beyond high school. Your most advanced degree should come first. List the institutions, degrees, and areas of study.
  • Experience — including job title, employer, location, dates, and responsibilities. Put most recent job first.
  • Skills — including your experience with different computer applications, typing speed, etc.
  • Special Skills — including your fluency in a foreign language, public speaking, or perhaps an unusual computer application.
  • Professional Affiliations — If you belong to any professional organizations, list them, along with your dates of membership. If you were a board member or officer, be sure to include that information too.
  • Personal Information — Keep this to a minimum. If you have interests that pertain to your industry or profession, it is appropriate to include those. It is inappropriate to include detailed information about your health, family, or personal life.