Team Encore Advantages

What is “Team Encore”?

New business models have all of us working with smaller better trained staffs but when a business “spike” occurs we will need a dependable, trained “on call” team to help us through.

Developing this team has become harder over the past decade. Fewer of our candidates can afford the luxury of temporary work – most families need two full-time incomes and benefits. It became almost impossible for us to have temporary employees available for you to repeatedly call back, so you were losing the benefit of their familiarity with your company’s needs.

To correct this problem, we started “Team Encore”, recruiting extremely qualified candidates that want to work only temporary but for the same few companies so they too can benefit from a familiar work environment and not constantly retrain.

Team Encore Advantages for the Employer

swirls-01Flexible staffing and the ability to build an “on call” team with the specific skills you need.

swirls-01Staff that is productive at a moments notice because Team Encore members are available on a repeat basis.

swirls-01Trained on multiple software programs because we provide FREE online computer training.

swirls-01We also offer select benefits to our Team Encore members.

What types of candidates are interested in “Team Encore”?

“Team Encore” employees desire to work as professional temporaries but dislike the idea of traditional temping where they receive same day calls frequently going to different work environments. 

“Team Encore” appeals to skilled office workers who want flexibility in familiar surroundings.  “Team Encore” members are trained to work repeatedly for the same few clients, where they become comfortable with the environment, the office routine, their co-workers AND retain control of their own schedule.

Why you should call us today about “Team Encore”?

It takes time to develop a specialized “Team Encore” staff… candidates with the skills sets and experience you need.  Call us now so that we can start recruiting individuals you can try out for small projects.

If you are interested in learning how “Team Encore” can benefit your company, or if you know someone who would make a great “Team Encore” member – contact us!