Payday Information


Each RPS employee is required to complete an electronic timecard through the following timekeeping portal on a weekly basis:

If you have multiple assignments during the week, please submit separate timecards for each assignment.  Never record time for two different weeks, two different clients, or two different assignments on the same card.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to submit your timecard early enough for your supervisor to approve by 12 noon every Monday, for hours worked the week prior.  Timecards not received by noon on Monday may not be processed until the following week.  In the event of a holiday interrupting the normal pay cycle, you will receive submission instructions in advance.

Our paydays are weekly on Wednesdays with paychecks available between 11:00 am and 5:30 pm.  If you have not picked up your check by 4:45 pm, your check will be mailed on Wednesday evening.   If you want your check held, you must call to let us know by 4:45 pm.  Try to join us for “Wonderful Wednesdays” (11:00-5:30), when we always greet you with candy and a smile–and often a treat for an obscure holiday. Come in person and see what we’re celebrating this week!

If someone other than you is picking up your paycheck, that person must present identification along with a signed and dated note. If this will be a regular occurrence, we have a form that authorizes another person to pick up your check every week until you tell us otherwise.